Project Location

The MTA’s RFP requested that the future of 40 Quay Street be responsive to community needs while advancing the MTA’s capital program and investments. The project team has pursued programmatic solutions both on and beyond the project site to help address priorities identified by Brooklyn Community Board 1 for the district, particularly creating affordable housing for low-income New Yorkers, increasing access to open and green space, and improving street safety.

Selected by the MTA in 2021, the Monitor Point proposal transforms the use of the site to address critical housing needs in the community, especially affordable housing for low-income New Yorkers. It also creates and enhances local open space and access to the waterfront while investing in resilient infrastructure to confront the impacts of climate change and flooding. Pedestrian access to park space and the waterfront will also be improved through the removal of significant industrial truck traffic at 40 Quay Street and 65 Commercial Street.

All of this is made possible by updating the zoning of the project site at 40 Quay Street to allow for increased housing opportunities to include affordable units and by relocating the two MTA facilities to a new state-of-the-art facility at 213 Meadow Street in the North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone in East Williamsburg.

The new approximate 143,000-square-foot consolidated MTA facility on Meadow Street will improve both MTA operations while reducing negative impacts for Greenpoint residents. By relocating the Mobile Wash and Materials Control Units from Quay Street and the Emergency Response Unit from Box Street, the new facility will:

View Looking West from Quay Street: Blocking view/ access to East River

View Looking West from Quay Street: Noxious uses in residential community

Without updating the local zoning and relocating the MTA facilities, the existing sites will continue to pose significant issues for the Greenpoint community:

*This image is a conceptual rendering preliminary concept rendering, subject to change.


By moving the ERU to Meadow Street, we unlock the potential of Box Street Park. Benefits will include:

*This image is a conceptual rendering and is for illustrative purposes only.