Support a Strong Future for the Greenpoint Waterfront Community

It is critical that we encourage our community and elected officials to support a public-private partnership that will add a robust new supply of mixed-income housing, create new open space connections in North Brooklyn, reduce vehicular truck traffic in the neighborhood, and unveil a new waterfront home for the Greenpoint Monitor Museum. Monitor Point will bring:

  • Substantial housing with at least 25% affordability
  • Publicly accessible waterfront and open space
  • Relocation of industrial uses away from a residential area
  • The opportunity for the full realization of Box Street Park
  • New commercial and retail opportunities for the community
  • New permanent unionized building maintenance positions
  • Sustainability efforts to repair the shoreline
  • A new home for the Greenpoint Monitor Museum

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Please help our community grow sustainably and equitably by advancing the creation of Monitor Point. We need friends, family, elected officials, and community leaders to work together in support of a better future for Greenpoint.